This Old Doll's
Margaret O'Brien

This is a doll I sold on consignment a few years ago. Thanks to a virus, these are the only pictures I have left of her. The description is part of what I said about her in the eBay listing.

This 14" Madame Alexander Margaret O'Brien is in unplayed-with, near mint condition. Her clothing appears to have never been removed, and her hair never re-arranged. She's wearing a shear blouse with puffed sleeves and a cotton slip attached. It has a Peter Pan collar with a pink satin bow at the front. Over this is a blue pinafore of a heavy cotton or rayon material. It is edged with pink satin cording, and is tagged " "Margaret O'Brien" /Madame Alexander/All Rights Reserved". There is a dusty look to the entire outfit, but no stains or holes. The pinafore may be slightly faded because the color inside the folds of the skirt appears to be brighter than on the outside folds. This may only be dust. The tag is not even freighed at the edges. Her black oilcloth shoes have a simulated leather grain surface, side snaps, and a black satin bow on the front. Her calf-high rayon socks have no holes or runs. Her cotton panties are edged in ruffled lace with a pink satin bow on each thigh. On her head she wears a pink nylon "straw" hat with pink flocked flowers and blue rosebuds. It is held in place with a black elastic chin strap. Her auburn mohair wig is in long braids that are looped back to the ears and tied with pink satin ribbons.
The compo is very near perfect. With a magnifying glass you may see the slightest beginning of craze, but with the naked eye, it's perfect. Probably from storage in a box for 56 years, the backs of her calves and forearms are a bit rough in texture, but not crazed. The tip of her left index finger is white. He face paint is bright and perfect, light brown single-stroke brows, gray eye shadow, black lashes painted under the eyes. Her blush is bright and her mouth well defined. All of her lashes are present and perfect, and her eyes are hazel/blue eyes are clean and bright. A truly fabulous find!
Value:About $ 750.00

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