This Old Doll's
13" Composition Princess Elizabeth

This little girl is a 13" Version of the Compo Princess Elizabeth. She has a human hair wig and a tagged lace dress with pantaloons, full slip, rayon socks and silver, oil cloth center snap shoes. She's all original with the exception of her crown. Often there was a rhindstone tiara but just as often she wore a circle of braided sequins or was dressed as a toddler with a bonnet. I chose the sequins. Her gown is tagged with her name "Princess Elizabeth" and she is marked on her head. Her eyes are crazed and although it's considered a natural sign of age rather than a flaw by collectors, I'll replace the crackled centers some day and also give her wig some needed attention.
Value: The gown is a fairly rare and desirable one so in this condition about $400.

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