This Old Doll's
21" Maggie Walker
as "Kathy"

I found this hard plastic Maggie Walker a few years ago under a huge dark brown wig with sausage curls. When I took off the wig I found her face and body were perfect. So she's sat on the shelf all this time while I decided how to do her up. A couple of months ago I bought a book, Madame Alexander Dolls on Review and on page 34 was a Maggie in an outfit that looked similar to one that had been on an 18" Sweet Sue that I bought at a McMaster's auction. Since the outfit was way too big for that doll, I'd stored it in my box of doll clothes. So I dug it out and it fit this 21" Maggie Walker perfectly. In my shoe box I even found the red oil cloth roller skates. So, Mom knitted the vest of old red wool yarn, I added a couple of old ceramic buttons to the vest, the white shear cotton blouse, rayon socks, red ribbons at the ends of the braids and the neck and a light blond wig of human hair. In the book, Kathy's has straight bangs and white skates but otherwise, this is very close to the picture. I just love Maggie's attitude. Such a tomboy!

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