This Old Doll's
18" Queen Elizabeth II
Margaret Face

Before Alexander made the Cissy version of Elizabeth II, she made this doll. She is all hard plastic and has the Margaret face. Her light brown hair is in a permanent style of human hair.

The crown is pot metal with set in rhinestones. Her eyes are green. The gown is pale yellow satin brocade and had a detached slip and panty combination with a hoop and ruffle below it. Her hose are nylon and shoes are gold satin side snaps. Her gloves are cotton knit. The bodice of the gown is beautifully tailored and had padding to fill out the bust line. The blue sash is a replaced ribbon with the original "jewels" reset onto it. Her bracelets of gold braid with set in rhinestones are original but the necklace and earrings are replacements.

Originally she had a full length deep purple velvet cape that was edged with while fur and a shoulder length short cape attached also of white fur. A gold tape accented the purple velvet. When I got her, her plastic was not only dirty but thoroughly bleached out so I repainted her.
Value:She books for well over $1000 but because of the necessary restoration, I'd say about $500. You can see a mint version of this doll on Lia Sargent's web site in her third catalog.

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