This Old Doll's
Mother's 50s Portrait

When I bought this doll at McMaster's auction, it was nude and bald and the face was totally blank. She has been totally repainted and restrung. Mom knitted herself a suit in the 50s and the outfit was always my favorite. Over the years we've both worn it. There was some yarn left over so she made a miniature of that suit for my nude Cissy. I decided to truly make it a portrait doll of Mom so I duplicated the hat, the brown kid pumps and the leather belt she wore with it. The blouse she wore with this was cut to a pattern to make this doll's blouse. Even the earrings are similar to hers. I chose a dark auburn human hair wig that I styled in her pageboy and even found small tortoise shell colored grip tooth combs to hold it up and back on the sides. There is also a mink stole that goes with this and maybe when my Siamese kitten gets older, he'll give it back!
Value:It will never be for sale because this doll will never mean as much to anyone else as it means to me. If you want a great project, this was a lot of fun! All you need is an old photo album and a little imagination and attention to detail.

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