This Old Doll's
16" Anne Shirley (Little Lady)

This lovely compo doll was made in 1943. We know this because that's the year Effanbee made its contribution to the war (WWII) by using cotton yarn wigs on their dolls instead of mohair or human hair. Cotton yarn curls poorly and the easiest way to handle it is to use bobby pins to make the ringlettes and then put it in a hair net. Then pull out the bobby pins. The organdy print dress is probably original. The fit is perfect and the material is from the right era. Notice the feathered eyebrows, blue eyes and position of the hands. Her fingers are spread and separate. This doll body was also used on Effanbee's "American Child" and its original outfits included a coat, hat and leather gloves. She's in near mint condition. She's now part of the collection of Beth Krause.
Value: in this condition, about $275.+

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