This Old Doll's
18" Anne Shirley

This is one of my project dolls. She came to me dirty and bald with missing fingers and cracked composition. She's 18" Tall and is marked on her back, "Anne Shirley". I totally resurfaced her, gave her a new human hair wig, magnets in her palms, made her shoes and socks and put a music box inside her that plays "God Bless America". Her outfit is an exact copy of an original Anne Shirley dress made by Lois of>

The "magic hands" and the music box are features Effanbee gave some of the Anne Shirley and the American Child dolls so this doll's body and hands accomodated these features nicely. If you look on the back of any marked Anne Shirley, you sill see three dimples that are marks for drilling the screw holes for a music box.
Value: $300.00+

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