This Old Doll's
Composition 1931
This is Skippy who was was created by the cartoonist, writer and author, Percy Crosby. The character was a very popular comic strip in the 1920s, 30s and 40s and was a military mascot in WWII. If you're interested in Skippy's story, you can click here:

This Skippy is 14" tall and all composition, jointed at the neck, shoulders and hips. He has painted eyes and molded hair. There were other models made by effanbee with a cloth body and some had molded boots. Some of his costumes included the soldier, sailor, boy scout, cowboy, and aviator. The outfit he usually wore in the Percy Comic Strip had him wearing a tweed bucket hat, a coat, tweed shorts, a white shirt,,oxford shoes, socks and scarf tied like a big bow tie. The only comic strips in the newspapers that were in color were the Sunday funnies, though and they were submitted by the artist in black and white like the weekday funnies. Colorists employed by the publisher were usually free to choose the colors. So you may see him in the bucket hat outfit in different colors. Joan Crosby Tibbets, Percy Crosby's daughter told me Skippy was a patriot whose outfit was supposed to be primarily red, white and blue. I started this project before meeting Joan, though so it's primarily green.

Lois of used an original, tagged outfit (in green with a yellow shirt) for a pattern and the fabric I sent to her. The shorts and cap are 100% wool houndstooth and the shirt is cotton. I made the pinback button closing his shirt using graphics from the Skippy site and am working on getting permission for this from Joan. I also made his leather saddle oxfords. The harmonica and original outfit for the pattern were donated by a dear friend and avid collector, David Eagan. The skates, which were in their original box with illustrated instructions, were purchased on ebay for about $35.

He's been an ongoing project of mine for years, now, that I started with a total resurfacing with many layers of oil base paint from an airbrush.

An all original doll in his current condition would probably sell for better than $600 and considering the hours I've poured into him, that's about what I'd need if I were going to sell him. He's some of my best work, though and I've really come to love this little fellow so don't think I'll be parting with him any time soon.

Value: $600.00+

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