This Old Doll's
Ideal Compo Hoyer 13"
All original - restored

This is an example of the original Mary Hoyer. She was made by the Ideal company for Mary Hoyer who wanted to design knitted clothing for a slim body doll. My understanding is that only 600 of these were made before Ideal decided to discontinue making her. So Mary had her own doll designed and made. That doll is the one we're used to seeing.
Value in excellent condition: $300.00+
This one came to me in a trunk of clothing and neither she or the clothing was in very good condition. The wool had not been stored properly and was full or moth holes. Only this woll skirt and little organdie blouse had survived in any kind of display condition. Hew shoes and socks are also original.
The nude shot is of her as she was before her makeover. It shows the body construction which is most unusual.
BR> The white suit was made by my mother using the Hoyer pattern for this doll - the golfing outfit. She knitted it of fine wool. We got the yarn by unravelling a thrift shop sweater. It's quite a process to recycle yarn like this but the results are so worth it!

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