This Old Doll's
P-91 Mary Hartlinei, 16"

This all-original light golden blonde is Mary Hartline. Mary was a drum majorette on a Circus TV show for children in the 50s. Although Mary Hartline was a platinum blonde, Ideal used a honey blonde wig on the doll that portrays her. Some of these outfits came with attached matching panties, others (like this one) had the attached slip. It is of the same fabric as the outfit and is trimmied with red rickrack instead of being white lawn with the usual tiny lace. Some were P-90 (14" ) and others P-91 and walkers like this one. She has her oil cloth boots which are edged in red to match her outfit. Mary Hartline dresses were also made in blue, green and white but I've only seen the boots in red. She also had a baton that was the same diameter as a full sized baton, but it was only about 8" long.
Value: $275.+

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